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Here is Wednesday's reading comprehension, give it a go.

Over the next few days we are going to revisit all of the words that we have learnt so far in our spelling group.

For this session we are going to have a look at the second 20 words we did.

Have a go at writing the words then I would like you to choose an activity to do with the words.

Here is a reminder of the second set of words:


1. After

2. Work

3. Couldn’t

4. Going

5. Wanted

6. Lots

7. Three

8. Where

9. Need

10. Head

11. Would

12. Everyone

13. That’s

14. King

15. Our

16. Through

17. Town

18. Took

19. Two

20. Fish


Choose one of these activities with the spelling words:


Pyramid Writing

Write each of your words like a pyramid:





Fancy Letters

Write each of your words using fancy writing. Your letters could be curly or dotty.. whatever you decide!

Join The Dots

Write each of your words using dots. Then join the dots with a coloured pencil to make your word.

Curly Words

First write out your words in normal writing. Next, write them again in curly letters.