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20th April - 24th April

This week we are going to do some work around the story

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.

It's a lovely story that many of you will know well, and you might even have the book yourselves at home.


I've added some links to the story being read on YouTube so that you can enjoy hearing a different one each day. 

This week we would like you to learn to read and spell some words that will help you to do the activities.

You could make them into flash cards to practice reading them, and see whether you can spot them anywhere else.

You could practice your handwriting whilst you are learning to spell them - remember to set the letters on the lines of your book, write each letter carefully and have a go at our Year 1 handwriting.

Here are some activities for you to do this week. I've written what you could do on each day, but you could do them in any order.


On Monday...

First - practice reading the words from the spelling lists - the days of the week and the time connectives

Next - use your careful phonic skills to write a list of all the foods that the The Hungry Caterpillar ate.

Remember to

  • sound them out carefully using your phonic skills
  • sit your words on the lines
  • write each letter carefully
  • try our Year 1 handwriting.


On Tuesday...

First - practice writing the days of the week - remember to do careful handwriting

Then - Begin a food diary - think about what you ate yesterday and write some sentences.


On Monday I ate crunchy nut cornflakes  for breakfast.

Then for lunch I ate a sandwich with jam in it and an apple.

Later for tea I had lasagne.

Finally I had a hot chocolate before I went to bed.


REMEMBER - careful handwriting


On Wednesday...

First - add to your food diary - think about what you ate on Tuesday and write some sentences

Next - Make a healthy caterpillar snack with your family - have a look at the pictures at the bottom of the page for some ideas. - Try to use our time connective words whilst you are making it! - Remember to take a photo of it.


On Thursday...

First - draw and label your healthy caterpillar snack. - (if you haven't done this, draw and label somethings that you ate yesterday)

Now - write some instructions to tell your friends how you made your caterpillar snack. Remember to use  those time connectives - first, next, then, after that, finally

If you send us a photo of your snack and instructions we can put them on the website!!!


On Friday...

First - practice reading and spelling the days of the week

Finally - can you make a poster to show some foods that are healthy and unhealthy.


Remember - healthy foods are those that you can have all the time. Unhealthy foods are those which are okay to have sometimes... but not all of the time.