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Tuesday's reading comprehension for Mrs Pollard's group (anyone can have a go)

Spelling Session

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For our spelling session this morning, please could you choose an activity from the list below to have a go at with your spelling words from our cold spelling task yesterday:

If you finish this quickly - choose another activity! 

All of the practice will help you remember the words for our hot task on Friday! 


UPPER and lower

Write each of your words out two times. Write in UPPERCASE the first time and in lowercase the second time.


Curly Words

First write out your words in normal writing. Next, write them again in curly letters.


Rainbow words

Write your words out in pencil. Next draw around each letter 5 more times using a different coloured pencil.


Pyramid Writing

Write each of your words like a pyramid:






Here is a reminder of our words:

  1. River
  2. Queen
  3. Wish
  4. Liked
  5. Giant
  6. Jumped
  7. Friends
  8. Once
  9. Because
  10. Please
  11. Thing
  12. Different
  13. Plants
  14. There’s
  15. Clothes
  16. Which
  17. We’re
  18. Pulled
  19. Most
  20. Key