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Happy Thursday guys!

Remember, if you are still awake at 8pm,

tonight is the night we clap for our NHS heroes yes


For our spelling session, please could you choose an activity from the list below to have a go at with your spelling words:

If you finish this quickly - choose another activity!

All of the practice will help you remember the words for our hot task on Friday! 


  1. Air Writing

Write your words in the air with your finger. Ask someone to read your words as you write. Or ask someone to air write the letters you tell them to spell your word.

  1. ABC Order

Write your words out in alphabetical order.


  1. Backwards Words

Write your words out forwards then backwards.

  1. Curly Words

First write out your words in normal writing. Next, write them again in curly letters.


  1. River

  2. Queen

  3. Wish

  4. Liked

  5. Giant

  6. Jumped

  7. Friends

  8. Once

  9. Because

  10. Please

  11. Thing

  12. Different

  13. Plants

  14. There’s

  15. Clothes

  16. Which

  17. We’re

  18. Pulled

  19. Most

  20. Key