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Why do we feel anger?


Everyone gets angry some times. Anger is an emotion just like joy or fear and it has a job to do just like they do. While fear helps to keep us safe from danger, anger can motivate us to campaign against injustice or to stand up for ourselves if we are treated unfairly. The important thing is how we control our anger. We shouldn't hold our anger in or it might make us feel ill with headaches or tummy ache and it might explode like a volcano in the future. We also need to make sure that we keep ourselves and others safe. You are the boss not your anger. By understanding what makes you angry and recognising when you start to lose your temper you can also learn how to control it using calming techniques and knowing who to ask for help.


You can use the worksheets below to help you understand and control your anger. You could also look in the calming techniques sections for lots of ideas to help you keep calm.