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Be Still

Be Still

Some people find it helps them to be calm if they stop and take a moment to be quiet and still. It’s a bit like pressing pause when you’re watching a DVD! You can then take some time away from what is bothering you and calm your mind and body.

You might like to just sit quietly and watch the clouds go by or read a book. You might like to curl up with a blanket or a cuddly toy. Some people find meditating helps. Here are some links to guided meditation on youtube specially designed for children, but adults can join in too!




Below, I have written a short guide to help you meditate. You might need a grown up to help you at first. They can read out what you should do. After you have done this a few times you will soon get used to it.

You can use your own ideas if you like. Maybe you would like to imagine you are walking through a sunny green forest or through fields of tall grass and flowers instead? Give it a go and see how you feel.


You will need to find a space that is safe, quiet and calm. Sit or lay down on the floor, chair or on your bed, some people like to sit on the grass in their garden. Make sure you are comfortable, if you want to you can close your eyes.

Now breathe in slowly through your nose, hold it for a moment and then breathe out slowly through your mouth or nose. (If you have a blocked nose breathe in and out through your mouth). Do this three times. While you are doing this place your hands at the side of you or in your lap. Let your arms relax.

Imagine you are sitting on a beach. Pretend you can hear the sound of the waves gently splashing and feel the rough grains of sand running through your fingers. Imagine you can smell the fresh, clean air. Keep breathing in and out slowly. Feel the air going into your lungs and out again. Notice your chest rising and falling. Imagine your worries are gently floating away into the clear blue sky above you, like balloons in the breeze. Stay like this until you feel your body relax and your heart slow down.

When you feel relaxed and ready to stop, scrunch up your toes tight then let go. Tighten and tense up your legs and then let go. Do this all the way up your body then slowly open your eyes and stand up. Do a big stretch up to the sky and shake it out. Now you should feel much calmer, more relaxed and be able to carry on with your day.