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Caythorpe Court PGL 2019

Wednesday 30th January 2019

It has been another very cold day today. There was a covering of frosty snow and plenty of ice to skid on as we went to breakfast. The children have been so amazing again, demonstrating how brave and determined they are. All the children have had a go at abseiling and climbing today. Every single child, without exception, had a go at climbing and many reached the top to proudly ring the bell. Niall showed off his professional climbing skills, which the PGL staff were very impressed with, and we are really proud of Ellie-Mae, Daniel, Noah and Emilie, who overcame their fears to climb really high. Abigail has really stood out today as she has fearlessly completed every challenge to the highest level and in general the girls are the ones who are completing the activities first. Lucas has been a real star, not only completing his own challenges, but also volunteering to support other children in having a go too. We have eaten well (again!!) with sandwiches and tacos for lunch and chicken nuggets and lasagne for dinner. In the evening, we were supposed to be having a campfire but due to the sub-zero conditions, the children were very grateful that we changed it to some indoor sports activities. Overall, all the children are having a wonderful time and everybody is beaming from ear to ear. 

Stars of the day - Teachers Choices

Mrs Withers - Alesha Parker for being amazing all week with her positive attitude and overcame her fear to go down abseiling. Findley Wheeler-Kaye was brilliant at the evening sports activities. Max Bloodworth for being very skilled at rifle shooting.

Mr Welham - Tyler Lewis for being absolutely amazing at everything.

Mr Warren - Abigail Ward for completing everything and Connor Dickerson for saying he wasn't going to do the abseiling at all and then doing it twice! Leighton Randall excelled at rifle shooting and was so proud of himself. Oliver Bonham has been a fantastic leader and supported everyone in completing their activities.

Miss Stanyard - Enzo Traczykowski has been scared of the heights but pushed himself to complete every task and do it a second time! Jasmine Walker is an absolute daredevil!

Miss Lucas - Ebony Grace-Miles and Ellie-Mae Williams-Goodall for being outstanding team players.

All the teachers have said they could name all the children; we are so proud of them all.


Tuesday 29th January 2019

Good morning from Caythorpe Court! You will not believe this, but all your children have slept really well. We went to bed about 11pm and everyone has slept soundly. Now we are off for breakfast and another action-packed day of adventures. Updates later...


Today has been cold but extremely fun for all the children. Everybody has put on every layer of clothing they can find to take part in two of the best activities at the centre: the giant swing and the zip wire! We have been so impressed with how every single child has had a go at the challenges and courageously pushed themselves to the limit. Many pupils, even though reluctant, have taken part and really enjoyed themselves in the process. There have been so many amazing moments where your children have absolutely amazed us with their bravery and team work. Noah lost his welly as he went down the zip wire and Katie E and Ireland looked amazing on the giant swing in their completely matching outfits, which are just a couple of highlights from an action-packed day. And of course we've all eaten well, with meatballs or chicken pie for dinner. The children have also had their first trip to the shop tonight and are currently taking part in a sports competition. They will definitely all sleep well tonight (as will the teachers). Plus we have even had a bit of snow!!

Hope you are all ok in Worksop. Wish you were here!

Hello from Lincolnshire!

We have arrived, eaten, already completed two activities and managed to make our own beds!! 

The children are all having a fabulous time, they are ALL very happy and have all challenged themselves already to do more than they thought they could. Owen, Jack M, Katie B, Liam and Joe have already stood out as real superstars by pushing themselves to go on the scary trapeze! Joel was sure he was not going to complete his climb on the trapeze and wanted to get down straight away, but after some encouragement he completed the whole thing -amazing!

Dinner was delicious - sausage casserole and fish fingers with CHIPS!!

Every single child has behaved perfectly so far and you should be very proud of them. 

Photos will be attached in Monday's folder for you to scroll through.

Hope you are enjoying yourselves as much as we are.