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China 1/2 - 5/2

Below is a picture of

Captain Sir Tom Moore

You have probably heard his name mentioned a lot over the last year

because he has raised a lot of money to help people.


Sadly he died yesterday.


Because we want to remember Captain Sir Tom Moore,

and because he was 100 years old,

we would like you to do a challenge about the number 100. 


There are some ideas on the picture below,

or maybe you can think of something else that you could do about the number 100.


We'd love to see what you do to remember Captain Sir Tom Moore, so please remember to send us your photos.

In Lions and Tigers we love to learn about other cultures, and especially about celebrations. In November last year we learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali, and we absolutely loved it!


On Friday 12th February it will be Chinese New Year,

so we are going to spend the next 2 weeks learning a little bit about China and Chinese New Year

ready to have a celebration on the 12th February.


This week we will be doing some activities to help us learn a little bit about


(where it is, the food they eat, The Great Wall of China, pandas and plum blossom)


Just as before I have made a folder for each day,

and within each day you will then find folders for all the different sessions,

Squiggle, Literacy, Phonics, Maths, 

 Creative Ideas and a Storytime folder too.


Where possible sessions and activities suggested aim to mirror what we would be doing in school,

helping you to keep your child progressing in their learning while they are at home.

Sessions are roughly 20 minutes although your child may want to focus longer. 

Remember that you can practise name writing and letter and number formation at any time

(see our letter formation folder) 


Please use Tapestry or the class emails to let us know how you are getting on, as well as how we can support you. 

(lions@stjohnsworksop.snmat.org.uk  or  tigers@stjohnsworksop.snmat.org.uk) 

If you need to be set up on Tapestry or have any problems with it please use a class email address to let us know. 




As we enter our 5th week of home schooling I just want to let you all know that you are doing an amazing job.

If your children are getting a little fed up (I know mine are) and are not wanting to write, I have a few ideas...


If they do one of the creative activities... 

- ask them to write a label for it so that Mrs Clements and Miss Brunt know what they have made.

- write a list of all the things that you will need to collect for the job so you don't forget anything.

- Write labels such as 'entrance' 'exit' 'restaurant' 'shop' - to match whatever they have built.


- help you write a shopping list

- write a letter to someone

- send them on a hunt to find as many red things as they can and write them down.


What I'm trying to say is, that at this age we don't want to put them off writing.

We want them to realise that writing can be useful, improve their play, and even be fun.

Writing, in whatever form it takes, as long as you are encouraging them to think about the words they want to write, listen for the sounds they can hear and write those down... they are practising writing!






During Squiggle this week we are going to do our wiggle part a little differently.

Because we are beginning our topic about China we are going to do some dancing with big moves to warm up.


If you watch the clip below it will show you the kind of moves we will do.


You will need 2 long pieces of ribbon, or streamers, or pieces of cloth cut into long strips.

(If you have an old sheet or pillow case , just cut off 2 strips )

Watch the clip and see whether you have anything that you could use

(They don't have to be as long as the ones in this clip and they don't need to be attached to sticks)


I will add a video into each day's squiggle folder that your child can follow,

or you can join in with Miss Brunt on Tapestry each morning, 

or make up your own moves.


NYCCC 'Dance to China' 2018 Student Recital - Red Ribbon Dance

We are going to be doing some big moves like this to warm up ready for squiggle this week.

The school value of the week this week is


(I can be aware of the differences of others opinions, views or experiences and be sensitive in responding to them)


Is it okay that other people like different things to you?

What should you say if someone says they don't like something that you like?

If someone wants to play a different game to the one you want to play, what could you do? 


What will you do this week to show that you have understanding?