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Circles of Control

Circles of Control


We can feel anxious and worried about lots of different things. Some of these things we can control and some we can’t. If we can recognise what we can and can’t control we can look for ways to improve our situation. If it is something we can control (like how we react to something) then we can look at how we can change our actions to make things better.

If it is something out of our control (like the weather, rain stops play) we can try and find a way for us to work around it (put wellies and a coat on and still play), accept it (the rain is good for plants and crops to grow) or let it go (I can do something else instead such as painting).


You can use the worksheet below to help. In the inside circle write down things that you can control. In the outside circle write down things you can’t control. You can then brainstorm any ideas you have about how you can make the situation better for you. You can ask a grown up to help. What idea are you going to try first? If it doesn’t work keep going and try something else.


Here is an example of a completed circles of control.