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....................INSET DAYS Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th July (closed for pupils)...................


Today's creative activities are all linked to

plum blossom which is the national flower of China.


Depending on what you have to hand in your home you may need to make a few adjustments to the activity.

We would much rather you adapt an activity than make additional journeys outside your home.

You may want to have a go at all, or some of these activities or you may have some good ideas of your own.

Choose one of these photos or pause the video in Literacy on your favourite picture

and draw a detailed picture of the plum blossom.

What shapes can you see?

What details can you see to add to your picture?

What colours do you need to colour your picture?

Use the end of an empty bottle to make printed plum blossom

Use your finger to paint an tree trunk and branches and then add some finger print plum blossom

Blowing Art Cherry Blossom CNY - Art For Kids

You just need a straw and some watery paint... this is really simple and soooooooo much fun

Remember to write something about your creative work.

I can't wait to see whet you have done.