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Today's creative activities are all linked to

The story of The Chinese New Year.


Depending on what you have to hand in your home you may need to make a few adjustments to the activity.

We would much rather you adapt an activity than make additional journeys outside your home.

You may want to have a go at all, or some of these activities or you may have some good ideas of your own.

Fortune Tales | The Story of Lunar New Year

In this video, learn all about the traditions and legends that make Lunar New Year one of the most exciting times of the year.

You could cut out the characters and re-tell the story of Chinese New Year

You could work out what animal you are based on the Chinese Zodiac.

Find out by looking at the picture below.

It depends on the year in which you were born.

(you'll either be a goat/(sheep) or a monkey)


-sometimes in the stories and calendars the goat is represented by a sheep.

As the story has been passed down from generation to generation there has been some confusion as to which it should be - we're going to go with goat, but in this poster it says sheep!


Why not do some art work about 'your' animal

(goat of monkey)

or about an 'ox'

as this year is the year of the ox.


I've added some ideas below, but just get creative.

You could turn your handprint into an animal - do a paint handprint, or draw around your hand on some paper and colour it in

Turn a cardboard tube into one of these animals

Chinese writing is very different to ours.

The words are a collection of lines, drawn in exactly the right way to say a word.

Why not have a go at doing some Chinese writing.


Below are videos to show you how to write

goat, monkey and ox


Monkey especially is pretty tricky, but have a go...

pause the video so you have more time to copy the lines

How to say and write RAM / GOAT / SHEEP in Chinese (羊yáng)

🐐🐑 Watch this video to learn how to say and write goat in Chinese. Pause the video to help you copy the shapes to write the word.

How to say and write MONKEY in Chinese (猴hóu)

🐒🐒 Learn how to say and write monkey in Chinese - This is a tricky one, but pause the video and have a go at copying the lines .

How to say and write OX in Chinese (牛 niú)

🐂🐂 Have a go at writing and saying ox in Chinese. Pause the video to copy the shapes!