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Today's creative activities are all linked to our senses.


Depending on what you have to hand in your home you may need to make a few adjustments to the activity.

We would much rather you adapt an activity than make additional journeys outside your home.

You may want to have a go at all, or some of these activities or you may have some good ideas of your own.



Use your sense of sight to play eye spy.





Look really carefully at something and draw a picture of it.

Try to see all the details...


Some people don't have their sense of sight, they are blind...

put on a blindfold and try to do something

like brushing your teeth or eating a snack.

How much mess did you make?



Find a container with a lid - Make a collection of objects (that will fit in the container) One by one put the objects in the container and investigate whether they make a loud or quiet sound when you shake them. Remember to make a prediction first and see whether you were right.

Go on a sound walk and listen carefully for what you can hear. What loud sounds can you hear? What quiet sounds can you hear?... remember that you will have to be super quiet!

Make your own telephone.



Some people lose their sense of hearing - they are deaf...

Try turning the sound off on the TV when you're watching

your favourite program...

could you tell what was happening?



Do some rubbings of some things that you can feel - you just need some paper and a crayon (wax crayons are best). You can get rubbings from things around your house, or whilst you're out on a walk.

Play a guessing game - you don't need a box like this, you could use a bag, or just use a blindfold... try to guess what you're feeling - this is a fantastic game for the whole family.


Why not play a similar game to this but with smells...


Put on a blindfold and try and guess what you're smelling - familiar and strong smells work best for this game!




Keep your blindfold on and use your sense of taste.


 Try and guess what you're tasting - familiar tastes work best for this game!





Try some foods that you have never tried before.

Do you like them or not?

are they sweet, salty or sour?