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....................INSET DAYS Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th July (closed for pupils)...................


Today's creative activities are all linked to homes and where we live.


Depending on what you have to hand in your home you may need to make a few adjustments to the activity.

We would much rather you adapt an activity than make additional journeys outside your home.

You may want to have a go at all, or some of these activities or you may have some good ideas of your own.


Go for a walk and see what different kinds of homes you can see.

Maybe you could make a tally of the different kinds.


Look out for detached, semi-detached, terraced, flats, bungalows, cottages, 

- what other kinds of homes can you see?




Make a 'Where I Live' book.


I found these home-made books on the internet and thought they looked like a nice way

to show the children how we fit into a larger town, into a larger county etc.

- These are American so the titles would be a bit different for us!


I have included a file which has photocopiable sheets which you may be able to adapt if you would like to use them - or just draw/ paint/ collage/ write your own images for the different pages,



Draw or paint a really careful picture of your house.

Make sure you get the door and the windows in the right place.




Fancy getting a bit messy... make a papier mache planet Earth.