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....................INSET DAYS Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th July (closed for pupils)...................


Today's creative activities are all linked to animals.


Depending on what you have to hand in your home you may need to make a few adjustments to the activity.

We would much rather you adapt an activity than make additional journeys outside your home.

You may want to have a go at all, or some of these activities or you may have some good ideas of your own.

Draw, paint or collage your favourite animal.

Why not turn a snack into an animal... these are just as few ideas.

Think about the tracks that different animals make.


Below is an idea for making your own animal tracks. 

I've also attached a sheet you could print out to match the tracks to the animals.

You could also look out for animal tracks when you go on a walk. 


You could also think about animal habitats.


Do you have any plastic animals/ cuddly animals (but be careful not to ruin them) or draw/ make some animals

Make their home ...

 use leaves/ twigs/ grass or ice/ water or rocks and stones etc

You could talk about camouflage. 


I've added a few photos to give you a few ideas... but get creative.


Use any plastic toy animals, cuddly toys, pictures you have drawn yourself - and see if you can create a camouflage background for them. You could draw, paint, collage or use things from around the house...


Have fun with this.

Can you sort the animals according to how many legs they have


If you've got lots of different animals (toys)

see if you can sort them into those which

fly, walk and swim.



Carnival of The Animals Complete Full Version Le Carnaval des Animaux Complet Camille Saint-Saëns

This is a very famous piece of music. As you listen to it, see if you can move in time to the music like the animal that each piece of music is about... you'll see what I mean when you play it..

Saint-Saëns The Carnival Of Animals

This is the same piece of music but you can watch the orchestra play the music if you'd like....