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Today we'd like you to make a rocket

to travel into space...


Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

Why not find some things from around the house and go on an adventure just like bear in this story.

Have you got any big boxes... turn one into a space rocket...

Try making a rocket from cardboard boxes and tubes


Make some paper aeroplanes and decorate them to be rockets. 

Fly them and see which one goes the furthest.




If you've got lego or other construction sets try to build a rocket...

How tall can you build it?



If we have a clear night 

(and if you're allowed) 

why not see if you can see any stars.

Can you find the big dipper?

I Want To Be An Astronaut - Kids Dream Jobs - Can You Imagine That?

This is Julia and she wants to be an Astronaut, Can You Imagine That?