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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................

Creative Ideas

Todays creative activities are all linked to Doctors and Nurses.  

Depending on what you have to hand in your home you may need to make a few adjustments to the activity,

we would much prefer you adapt an activity than make additional journeys outside your home.  

You may want to have a go at all, or some of these creative activities or you may be able to think of your own.  



Have a go at making your own stethoscope, here are some examples  

Create a thank you card or message for Drs and Nurses working at

your GPs or Bassetlaw Hospital

You can email them a photo to save unnecessary journeys


(You could even make a card like this one to write your message in.)

Watch these 'Operation Ouch' videos about first aid

and have a go at using your new skills on your doll or teddy.

Science for kids - First Aid Training - Experiments for kids - Operation Ouch

Dr Chris and Dr Xand are teaching important first aid training in this special compilation.

Science for Kids - Best of First Aid | Operation Ouch

A special compilation of Operation Ouch where Dr Chris and Dr Xand are going to teach kids about first aid...

Make an ambulance out of junk modelling,

raid your recycling bin for boxes, lids and anything else you might want to use.

x-ray art 

use paint, straws, cotton buds or pasta (or whatever else you can think of)

to create an x-ray picture.