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Creative time

On this page we have put some creative ideas that you could do at home or in your garden.

We have tried to consider what you may have at home, some ideas will use lots of items, others only a few. 

We hope that you will also share your creative ideas with us through the email address.

In your windows this week our theme is wildlife.


You might have a bird that visits your garden lots, can you draw a picture of it or even take a photo.

Or maybe when you go for a walk have a look around and see what wildlife you can see.


On the 21st June it is Fathers Day. 

Usually in school we would be helping you make a card for a special person in your life. As this year we cannot here are some ideas for you to make one at home. 


In windows this week-

A space or star themed picture or design.


Tube artwork

what will you create?


Build a den, it might be inside or outside. You could plan it first, draw out a design or tell someone how you will do it and what you will use. 

When you have made it you can evaluate it, did it work quite how you wanted it too or did you have to make some changes as you were building it? 

You are a designer!


Now you have built your den you could read it in, play in it or even eat a meal in it if your grown up will let you.

Here are some ideas

Ikea have also shared some den building instructions



In your window can you design and draw (or paint) a comic book hero or a superhero. 

Why not think about what makes them super while you are doing it. 






Getting ready for V.E Day, Friday 8th May.

Put something V.E Day related in your window, it might be a poppy, bunting, the Union Jack or a solider picture. There are lots of print outs on the VE day page


Do some baking (ideas on the VE day page) or decorate biscuits.


Make cards for your neighbours or family. 



Light a candle to remember and give thanks
This week you could decorate a smiley face to put into your window laugh
Use lego and paint to print pictures

Why not use your toys, puppets or even socks to put on a puppet show for your family. Make sure you have a rehearsal first.