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Find our Virtual Classroom 2020 under the Curriculum tab................................... Please let us know if you change your contact details, you may miss out on important information if we cannot reach you by text or email


Welcome to Cub’s Virtual Classroom!



Can you believe we've only got two and a half weeks left?

 Cubs have returned this term into their "Bubbles" and settled beautifully, accepting it as a new normal. To watch them come running down the school path for a hug was just wonderful. I'm so very proud of them.heart

It has been lovely to come home from school and then be in touch via Tapestry with all Cubs still at home. I love seeing what you're all up to!


For the final two and half weeks we will look at Recycling. Some ideas are in the Topic section. 


Thank you for your continued support, as always! smiley


Please stay in Touch via email, for any learning enquiry and on Tapestry. 


Mrs Bee xx 



Don't forget the section called 'I can.'

Keep working on these key skills ready for September!

As you know, we normally record these activities in your child's book in Nursery and these important skills are something we would be working on primarily this term ready for transition to Foundation Stage 2. 

The checklist is there for you just to view or print off should you wish. Cubs were already fantastic at many of these skills so I know it won't take long to complete the list! We'd love to see any further achievements on Tapestry.laugh

So, let's do what we can together to get our Cubs ready!

Email any learning enquiries to 

Once again, Thank you for your continued support, as ever. 

Mrs Bee x

heart We can do this! heart



 If you'd like to still send a message to the rest of Cubs, email me or upload to Tapestry, with your permission to share. I've set up a section on our page called 'Hello.'

We've had some really special messages already! 

I thought it would be a really nice way for Cubs to stay in touch with each other! smiley 


At the end of all this, your child's mental health and well being will be more important than academic skills. Have fun playing and learning together. 

How they felt during this time will stay with them and leave a lasting impression. We are sending you all love, kindness and our best wishes for your safety and health. 

This website is not to put pressure on you, it's to share ideas whilst we live in these unprecedented times. You are doing just great and we've got this between us!smiley

Take care, stay safe and keep in touch via Tapestry or email.  

Mrs Bee xx 





These lovely Lion, Tiger and Cubs stones have been hidden in the Gateford area. See if you can find them if you're out on your daily walk and then rehide them for someone else to find!smiley

Don't forget to look in the Virtual Classroom section for BBC Bitesize...

Your children can now access regular daily lessons from BBC Bitesize in English, maths and other core subjects, on the BBC Bitesize website and also in special programmes broadcast on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button. It is for Reception (FS2) children but here are a few links that Cubs will enjoy!


Time Capsule - This fantastic idea has been shared by another parent and if you'd like to do it, here's a copy to print off so that you can look back at this unprecendented time in the future.