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Daily activities

Practise writing you name every day.

Can you write your last name yet?

If not then why not practise this week and wow us when we see you again.

Practise making sure you form each letter properly. 


Don't make those n, m and h sad by adding the stick afterward...

remember to make them happy by starting at the top and writing the stick first.


Remember to make c, a, d, g, q happy by starting at the top and making the c shape first.


This handy video has the correct way to form letters. the q is not quite how we do it in school but nearly.

Can you the children tell you where the letters should sit on the line?

Practise writing your numbers every day.

Check that you are getting them the right way round and not writing some backwards.

Can you get all the way to 20?

Even further!


Practise recognising your numbers to 20 and ordering them.

Quite often we need to think a little longer about the silly, tricky numbers

11, 12, 13, 15 

that don't follow the pattern... so practise every day to get more confident.

Log on to Active Learn using your Bug Club log in and do some reading.