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Today is a little different. 

I want you to think about all the real-life superheroes that we have learnt about this week.

What do you need to be like to be a real life superhero?


Here are some words and I want you to think about what they mean.

Then think about whether they are words that match

a real life superhero like

a firefighter, a police officer, a doctor, a nurse and a paramedic.

I've sneaked a few in there hat might trick you!


brave    mean    big    helpful    kind   strong   cruel       


All our real-life superheroes this week work for the emergency services. There is a special number that we can ring if there is an emergency and we need help from one of them.

Do you know what the number is?



Here is a lovely video about calling for an ambulance... 

A lesson in calling 999

Meet six-year-old Esmae, who's here to remind everyone how - and when - to call 999.

You can choose your job for today... or do all of them if you want!


You could make a poster about calling 999

- why might you need to call 999, when should you call 999, how would you call 999? 

(remember to include some writing)


You could make a thank you card or write a message for  the Drs and Nurses

working at your GPs or Bassetlaw Hospital

You can email them a photo to save unnecessary journeys


(this was in the creative section for yesterday so you might have done this already)


Here are some activity sheets that you might like to do as well...