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Today is

World Book Day

so today we would like you to be

an author and an illustrator.


Can you remember what those words mean?


Well an author does the writing in a book

and an illustrator draws the pictures that illustrate the book.


Today I would like you to turn your writing and pictures into a book

so that you can be the author and illustrator of your very own book!


You can organise the pages in whatever order you want...

it really doesn't matter because it's YOUR BOOK.



What else will you need to do...


Make a front cover

What will the title of your book be?

What picture will you have on your front cover?

Remember to write who the author and illustrator is.



Other things you could do if you want to...


You could make a back cover for your book

and write a 'blurb' to tell people what your book is about.


How about a contents page

If you write numbers on each page (when it's in the right order)

you could then do a contents page so that people know what each page is about.



Here are some ideas

of how you might want to fasten all the pages

of your book together... but you might have even better ideas.



Get creative

We can't wait to see your amazing books.