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......Easter Holidays are Friday 2nd April 2021 to Friday 16th April 2021....................................


The pink flowers are called plum blossom trees. Plum blossom is a very important flower in China. When they see plum blossom it reminds them that it is nearly the end of winter and that spring is nearly here. Look at this video and look at some of the plum blossom close up. Think about what it looks like... what words could you use to describe it?

Could you paint some plum blossom? Look at the video and have a go! 


Plum blossom (HD1080p)

Plum is China's top ten flowers of the first, and orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemum together as a four gentlemen, and pine, bamboo and known as the "three-y...



I would really like you to practise writing your name. Remember, capital letter only for the beginning of your name. the rest are lower case letters. 

Show us on Tapestry how you're getting on. 

The Story of Chinese New Year

The Story of Chinese New Year

I hope you have enjoyed looking at China and the Chinese New Year. What have you learned?