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Gingerbread Man 16/11- 27/11

*Remember we love to see any home learning you do. Share it with us on Tapestry or via the class emails (lions@stjohnsworksop.snmat.org.uk or tigers@stjohnsworksop.snmat.org.uk)* 

Over the next two weeks our topic will be the story of the Gingerbread man. 

You can listen and watch it below. Or if you have the story at home why not read it together. 

When you have watched or read the story think about what happens, can you tell your grown up?

If you have watched or read more than one version think about what was the same or different. 

The Gingerbread Man - Animated Fairy Tales for Children

Have a look at our 'Animated Fairy Tale' playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5hbpwc66yGGyhrMvMWYgBB-3GiVh6YEk Watch amazing Animated Fairy Tales...

The Gingerbread Man | Fairy Tales | Gigglebox

Watch the amazing fairy tale of 'The Gingerbread Man'. ❤️ Subscribe to our channel and receive updates of our totally new and original songs, nursery rhymes ...

Here are a range of activities. You might not be able to do them all, or you may think of your own versions. Let us know how you get on via Tapestry or email. 

Baking - 

You can make and decorate your own gingerbread men or women. Have you tried it before? 

Play a build your own gingerbread man game. Either print out the pictures below or draw your own, all you need is a die. You can play as a family, taking it in turns to roll and see who can build their gingerbread man first or play alone looking at recognising the numbers on the die. 
Follow this link to a great maths game linked to the Gingerbread man.
Design your own Gingerbread person. You can use the outline below or draw your own. 

Salt dough Gingerbread men. Follow the link below for a salt dough recipe. You could use this to make a gingerbread man and when it is dry paint it to decorate it. You could even use it as a Christmas decoration. 


Using your knowledge of phonics you could write about the characters in the story. Here are some ideas of what you might do.


* Draw and label the character.


* Pick one of the characters and write a sentence about them, eg 'A pig is pink.'


(Grown ups please encourage children to think about the sounds they can hear themselves and write as independently as possible, it may be that they only get the initial phoneme to begin with or miss some from the middle, this is ok. It may be that they can tell you which phonemes they need but struggle to recall how to write the grapheme (letter), in this case you might demonstrate it or trace it in the air or on the table)


Here are some pictures of the characters to jog your memory.