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Wellbeing resources

During these times of uncertainty we know some of our children are feeling worried and anxious. Below, I have listed some resources that may be of use to you to help support your children. I will continue to add anything I think will be useful to you in the days ahead.

50 Life Skills


I'm going to pop this here as many of these would need adult supervision. Use your discretion to chose activities that are appropriate to the ages and stages of your children.

Increasing resilience in our children

This resource is designed on the theme that children are joining a super hero team with characters who will help them. The characters are all based on techniques to help build resilience in children such as mindfulness and positive thinking. Children are set small challenges which they can tick off.



E book

This poem gives children lots of information and reassurance and is beautifully illustrated. It is presented as a book with turning pages.


Coronovirus Information for Children

This is a lovely, child friendly explanation of the coronavirus and some of the measures that are currently being undertaken in the UK. Hopefully this will help you to answer some of the questions your children are asking. The blue links will take you to the relevant page on the ELSA Support website where they are available to down load for free. (Control and click to open the link).


There are also similar resources to explain social contact and to talk about staying at home.


ELSA Support 14 day Home Challenge

Lots of people have been asking for activities to do if school is closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Our friends at ELSA support have put together this list of activities to help with your child’s emotional wellbeing. There are 14 days worth but many can be used over several days if necessary. The file is a PDF. All you need to do to go to each activity is to click the BLUE Title writing within the PDF file which is shared at the end of this post. This will take you to a FREE resource on the website so you can download and print it out.