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We know some of our children will be feeling worried and anxious during these uncertain times. As well as the virus itself, the changes in our routines can upset our children and bring out other issues. If your children are behaving differently, try to see their behaviour as a flag to attract your attention and look behind the behaviour to the cause.  


Below, I have listed some resources that may be of use to you to help support your children. I will continue to add anything I think will be useful to you in the days ahead. I have tried to split the resources into different categories to help you navigate to which areas you need. If there is something you need that you can not see please email me at and I will add it to the page where possible.

The Little Elf and the Flowers of Hope and Bravery


The Little Elf is back in a new story from our Educational Psychologists. The scary, green cloud over Little Elf's tree has become smaller and he can now go back to school. How do Little Elf and his friend the Little Pixie feel? Can the wise woodpecker help them again? With lovely illustrations and guidance for how you can use this with your child, you might find this useful if your child is due to return to school.

Story about returning to school


This link will take you to a powerpoint on the ELSA Support page which is free to download. It is a story aimed at children to give them a little information and reassurance about the proposed return to school.There is nothing too specific in there as guidelines are still being issued and schools are looking at different ways to make things as safe and happy for our children as possible. However, it does talk about the bubble system and social distancing so you could use it as a way to start the conversation and supplement it with more specific information as and when it is available.

The Little Elf Who Missed His Birthday Party


This is a story that has been created by our local Educational Psychologists to help children cope with the current situation. It is a story about an elf who can't have his birthday party because he has to stay in his tree due to a strange cloud that they need to keep safe from. There are some guidance notes included with advice on how to use the story with your child. It might provide some reassurance for them or prompt them to ask questions, or they might just think it's a nice story. 

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