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Hannah's caterpillars

Hannah got a special kit to 'grow butterflies'
It came with a set of helpful instructions
On day 2 the caterpillars were tiny
They had everything they needed to grow in the cup
They moulted they exoskeletons. Frass is 'poo'!
How long were they after 1 week?

Video of caterpillar moving week

Still image for this video
The caterpillars got bigger and bigger.
The caterpillars are now in chrysalis form.
The chrysalsis is a bit like a shell
What do you think is happening inside?

What do you think will happen next?

Butterflies emerged from the chrysalis
They rested in the net for a few days then...
Hannah opened the net outside
Helped to the flowers
Resting on the wall
Letting the last butterflies go
These are the empty chrysalis

Releasing the butterflies

Still image for this video