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Here We Are ... 22/ 2/ 21

Next Thursday will be World Book Day

and at St John's we will  be looking at the same book on that day

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers


I had never read this book before but think it is wonderful,

as are other stories by Oliver Jeffers.


Below is a short clip I found in which Oliver Jeffers himself is introducing a different story that he wrote,

but it really made me think about how amazing books and stories are.


A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers & Sam Winston Book Trailer

In Lions and Tigers we are going to be using pictures and ideas from the book

'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers

over the next 2 weeks.


The plan is for us to turn any work that we do in literacy or from the creative section into our

very own book

all about us and the world that we live in

on World Book Day next week,

so remember to keep all your wonderful work in a safe place.


I have added a video of someone reading the story

and also made the photos of the story into a slideshow

so you can read it yourselves and spend some time looking at the illustrations,

which are wonderful.


You can look at these as many times as you like,

as I'm sure you'll keep noticing new things every time.

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers - a slideshow of the book for you to read together