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Community Art

St John's Stone Snake


Have you seen the new St John's snake winding it's way along the bottom of our school fence? You can add your own colourful stones to it's tail and watch it grow. Thank you to Miss Galloway for suggesting this lovely idea and painting the snake's head.

Window Picture Challenge and Stone Spotting


Some lovely parents in our community have come up with a super idea. Your grown-ups might have seen it on social media. While families are going out for a walk in the fresh air each day they could play I Spy and go on a bear hunt!


The idea is that every week there will be something different for you to draw or paint a picture of. Pop it in your window then when you go for a walk, see how many pictures you can find. You could also sit a cuddly toy in your window and see how many teddies you can count in other children’s windows while you are on your walk.


If you can’t go for a walk because you have to stay in or are not very well, you can see how many people walking by spot your picture and how many pictures and cuddly toys you can see out of your windows.


Children are also painting and hiding pebbles for others to find and rehide. There are a few St John's pebbles out there, have you found any?


Window Picture List

W/C 1st June – Space/Stars

W/C 8th June – Wildlife

W/C 15th June – Shapes

W/C 29th June – Hearts