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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................

Ideas for practicing phonics

We have looked at all the phase 2 phonemes in school.


Use  practice recognising the phonemes, then use them to build words and recognise them in words in books. 

You could create your own flashcards. 



We are now covering the phase 3 phonemes.

Again you can create flashcards for the phonemes. 

Play spotting games where you look for a phoneme when you are looking at any words. (This might even be when you are out places, for example today we are going to try and find the 'sh' in words we see)



Using flashcards there are lots of games you can play.

*If you have 2 sets you can play snap, make sure you are saying the phoneme for each card placed down. 

*Hide the cards around the house, as you find them say the phoneme.

*Place them (carefully) as 'stepping stones' around the floor, as you step on them shout the phoneme. 

*Choose 3 or 4 cards, how many ways can you order them to make words? Some of the words will be alien nonsense words, can you read them too?

*When you are out, play I spy but make sure you are using the phoneme rather than the letter name (grapheme)