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The SNMAT admissions consultation is being extended to 16th December 2019. This is the only chage to the original consultation documentation. Please see Statutory Information/Admissions for further details~~~~~

Key Stage 1

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     Who is who in KS1


Mrs Godley: Kingfishers (Year 2) KS1 Lead, Maths Coordinator, Parental Engagement

Mrs Renshaw: Hummingbirds (Year 2) SENCO, Behaviour Lead

Mrs Sensicall-Dyke: Bears (Year 1) Geography Coordinator

Miss Hagen and Mrs Clements: Elephants (Year 1) Art Coordinators

Teaching Assistants-Mrs Spencer (Year 2) Extended Services, KS1 Interventions, Phonics Coordinator

Mrs Boldero  (Year 1) Phonics Coordinator 

Our Topic in Key Stage 1 this term is......


Over and Under



Important information


  • Listen to your child read at least 3x a week and record it in your child's diary.
  • Y1 PE days are Wednesday and Friday.
  • Y2 PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Important Dates


Hummingbirds- Good Work Assembly- Thursday 10th October - 9am 


KS1 Nativity- Friday 13th December 1.30pm (Ticket information to follow)

KS1 Nativity- Monday 16th December 6pm (Ticket information to follow)

KS1 Nativity- Tuesday 17th December 6pm (Ticket information to follow)