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Kindness Challenge

Kindness Challenge


 Kindness brings huge benefits for everyone! You make someone feel good, you feel good as a result of your actions and those who see what you are doing are inspired to act kindly themselves! Right now we all need kindness more than ever. How many of these challenges can you complete? You could try to complete one challenge a day. Can you think of any others?


Write a letter to someone you care about. Tell them you miss them and look forward to seeing them soon. Enclose a lovely photo or a drawing.

Make someone in your family a drink or snack without being asked.

Think of something nice to say to each person at home with you.

Make a card for a friend telling them something you like about them.

Make a thank you poster to put in your window for the post person or bin collectors.

Send someone a message to say good morning or goodnight.

Say ‘Yes!’ to as many things as you can in one day.

Say thank you to someone doing their job - a delivery driver, a post person, a shop worker or your parents.

Find a way to help younger children - show them how to do something or read them a story.

Tidy your room without being asked.

Ask a grown up if you can call an elderly relative for a chat and check they are ok.

Tell someone a joke or funny story.

Give someone your best smile, they might give you one back.

Help around the house. Ask a grown up what jobs you can do

Join in the I Spy Picture Challenge and draw a picture to put in your window.

Lots of people help us every day. Thank anyone who helps you.