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....................INSET DAYS Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th July (closed for pupils)...................


Last week we were thinking about


What did we mean by this?

Can you remember any of them?


Today we are going to think about



Do you think a vet is real-life superhero?


They are not quite like the superheroes that we learnt about last week.

We can't call 999 for them to come to the rescue.


They do help our pets to stay healthy which is very important.

They are like doctors and nurses for our pets aren't they. 


Do you know what happens at the vets?



Watch this video of Ben imagining what it would be like to be a vet.

I Want To Be a Veterinarian - Kids Dream Job - Can You Imagine That?

This is Ben and he wants to be a Veterinarian, Can you Imagine that? If Ben was a veterinarian he would be a doctor for animals!

Keeping our pets healthy is very important.


Talk to your grown-up about what you need to do

to keep pets happy and healthy.

Even if you don't have a pet, think about what you would need to do for them every day.

(Did you think about food and water, grooming, a warm clean place to sleep and love and attention?)


Do all animals need these things or just pets?

What about animals that live on farms, or those that we might see in a zoo? 


Today I would like you to think about different kinds of animals

and sort them into 3 different groups.


Which animals might you keep as a pet?

Which animals might you find on a farm?

Which animals might you see in a zoo?

(the link to the pictures is below)


Cut out the pictures and sort them into groups.


if you are unable to download these pictures or print them out

- draw some of your own, adding labels and captions like discussed below...



Write a caption to match each group of animals


Remember to carefully plan your ideas and think about the sounds that you can hear and write those down. Your grown-up can write next to your writing what you wanted to say when you have finished.

(we don't expect it to be perfect. You're only 4 and 5 and you're all learning how to write at your own pace. Just give it your best try  )


e.g. These animals live in a zoo - may be written as - thees animls liv in a zuw or even th a l in a z


They won't be able to hear some sounds yet, or know how to write some... Do help them to think about sounds that they 'should' be able to write, although this will be different for different children. The sound for today in phonics is ee so remind them of this if you have already done phonics - or maybe tell them this sound and ask them to look out for it later in phonics! (we won't be doing oo for zoo until next week week, but you could tell them this if you want)


Just encourage them to think for themselves -

this is how they will get more confident in having a go and not worrying about 'getting it wrong'!



Remember all children work at different levels, some will hear a few sounds, others will make marks and tell you what it says others may be writing some simple words and sentences.