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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


We are still thinking about


Can you remember what we mean by this?

How many can you remember?


Today we are going to think about

builders/ construction workers 


Do you think a builders are real-life superheroes?


They are not quite like the superheroes that we have been learning about.

We can't call 999 for them to come to the rescue

They don't help us or our pets to stay healthy. 


they do make sure that we have safe places to live... and much more!


Can you think of any things that a builder/ construction worker might build?

Have you ever seen a builder/ construction worker working?



Watch this video about Samantha imagining what it would be like...

I Want To Be A Construction Worker - Kids Dream Job - Can You Imagine That?

This is Samantha and she wants to be a Construction Worker, can you imagine that?

Making sure we have a safe place to live is very important.


Talk to your grown-up about what builders use to build our homes

and why they use those things.

 (walls are bricks because they are strong/ windows are glass so we can see out of them and they let light in but not wind and rain etc)


Today I would like you to draw/ paint/ collage a picture of a house


add some sentences saying which materials are used (and why) -

grown-ups might want to just write the children's idea for the why bit!


Remember to carefully plan your ideas and think about the sounds that you can hear and write those down. Your grown-up can write next to your writing what you wanted to say when you have finished.

(we don't expect it to be perfect. You're only 4 and 5 and you're all learning how to write at your own pace. Just give it your best try  )


e.g. The windows are glass - may be written as - the widws or gas


They won't be able to hear some sounds yet, or know how to write some... Do help them to think about words that they 'should' be able to write, although this will be different for different children, words like 'the' are tricky words that we are learning in FS.


Just encourage them to think for themselves -

this is how they will get more confident in having a go and not worrying about 'getting it wrong'!



Remember all children work at different levels, some will hear a few sounds, others will make marks and tell you what it says others may be writing some simple words and sentences.