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....................INSET DAYS Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th July (closed for pupils)...................


Today we are going to think about another



How many others can you think of?


Today we are going to think about

postal workers


Do you think a postal worker is real-life superhero?


Like we realised with builders yesterday... postal workers don't keep us safe or healthy


They do a very important job that helps us. 


How do postal workers help us? What do they do?


We are going to watch a video about Zoey pretending to be a postal worker...

She lives in America and they call them 'mail carriers' but their job is very similar.

I Want To Be A Mail Carrier - Kids Dream Jobs - Can You Imagine That?

This is Zoey and she wants to be a Mail Carrier (postal worker), Can You Imagine That?

Our postal workers wear a special uniform... just like you do

Postal workers deliver our mail in different ways

This is what post boxes look like. Have you ever seen one?



Write a note/ letter/ card to each of the people in your family 

telling them why you love them

(do this all by yourself using your careful sounding out and your 'magic writing')

- if your family can't quite read it you can tell them what your magic writing says)


You could make an envelope and put your letter in.  

Find a bag to put your letters in and then pretend to be a postal worker and deliver your letters.

 Your family will be soooo happy that you have written them a note and I'm sure that they will love your messages.



Encourage your child to do some 'magic writing' today

- this is where they do it with no help, just encouragement to 'have a go'

- tell them it is magic because they are doing it themselves and that they can magically tell you what it says.


This is about helping them to find the confidence to write independently and try to use the skills that they are learning by themselves. It can be a little scary at times as they worry that they are going to get it wrong... reassure them that it doesn't matter as long as they have a go. You may need to help them plan an idea first and remind them of their sentence as they write if they forget - but try to let them do everything else alone. Even if they end up writing a long string of letters (and sometimes squiggles)... if they can tell you what they wanted it to say - that's great - and if not, don't worry, they'll get there wink