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Today is our last day thinking about


I wonder whether you can name all the ones we have talked about... and more!


Today we are going to think about



Do you think teachers are real-life superheroes?



What do teachers do that help?


In this video Maggie imagines what it would be like to be a teacher...

I Want To Become A Teacher - Kids Dream Job - Can You Imagine That?

This is Maggie and she wants to be a teacher, Can You Imagine That? If she was a teacher Maggie would help people to learn all sorts of things!

What makes a good teacher? Do you think you could be a good teacher?


Today I want you to teach someone something?


Pretend to be a teacher and tell someone (or your toys) about what you have learnt about

real life superheroes.


Teach them about the kinds of jobs real life superheroes do?

Teach them about what real-life superheroes need to be like? – kind/ mean?

Choose one of the jobs and teach them all about it!


You could just talk - or like the teachers in school you could draw pictures and write words to explain the things you are teaching...


Have Fun!!!