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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


Today in literacy we are going to think about

The World

It's an enormous place, with so many countries that even the grown-ups won't have heard of some of them... 

We're going to have a look at a map of the world.


With your grown-up see if you can find the UK

That's where we live.


Do you know the names of any other countries?

See if you can find them on the map too.


As you look at the map, talk about how you think you might travel there and why.


Make sure you talk about the fact that it only looks like a small distance on the map, but actually its a very, very long way. - It's a pretty hard concept to grasp!

I usually try to explain that if they were going to New Zealand

they would have to sit on an aeroplane which goes super fast for a whole day...

(and list all the things that they do in 24 hours so they can compare) 


Look at the sea and discuss that you couldn't walk or drive over the sea to get to other countries...

so what would you need to do?


I have included some pictures of different ways we can travel for you to choose from.




Explain that we are going to be learning more about China this week

in preparation for Chinese New Year next week, so...


Can you find China?

(It's the big yellow country with the panda in it on the first map in case you're not sure)


Discuss how you would travel to China and why.

(i.e. on an aeroplane because it's so far away)


Draw a picture of them traveling to China 


Today is more about talking and discussing their ideas.

Here are some maps of the world for you to look at... or find one online that you can look at more easily... or if you have one in a book that would be even better.