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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


Today we're going to think about the The Great Wall of China.

I have found some photographs for you to have a look at.


Have a look at the photographs and think of words that might describe how big it is.


Grown-ups, try to introduce the children to new words that they might never have heard or used before...

huge, gigantic, enormous, massive, gargantuan, colossal

I'm sure you'll come up with much better words than me!


Below I've put a pictures that we use in school to remind the children what we want them to think about.

We call them 'lenses' and the children should remember seeing them in our classroom.

The Great Wall of China

Imagine that you're standing on The Great Wall of China

What would you see?

– use looking lens to encourage them to think what they can see in the picture

(Choose one of the pictures to focus on)

Write a sentence about what you can see and use ‘and’ to join 2 ideas

(like yesterday)

e.g. I can see trees and mountains


Remember what we say about encouraging the children to hear the sounds for themselves. We really don't expect them to write things 'correctly'. We just want them to begin to develop the confidence to have a go by themselves and to know what they need to do to begin to be able to write independently.