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Today we are going to learn the story of

Chinese New Year.



This is the Jade Emperor.

All these animals had a race across a river to try and decide who the New Year should be named after. Who do you think will win?

Read and enjoy the story of The Chinese New Year and see if your prediction was right.

I hope you enjoyed the story.

Did you guess who would win?

I didn't!


I have attached below a document with pictures of all the animals with the number of the order that they won the race.


If you can... print this out,

1. cut out the pictures (the children can do this for practise cutting)

2. stick them in order - this is a great cross curriculum link to maths

3. try to write the name of some of the animals using your careful sounding out


If you can't print this out...

1. see if you can remember some (or all) of the animals in the race 

2. choose a few of your favourites and draw/ paint/ make playdough models of some of them

3 write labels to match, using your careful sounding out