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Today I have found some wonderful videos for you to watch...

They are of 2 special dances that are performed during Chinese New Year celebrations.

The Dragon Dance


The Lion Dance


Whilst you are watching them try to think of some good words to describe how the dancers are moving.

If we were in school we would say that we are using our Action Lens.


You'll see what I mean...

for the Dragon Dance it might be words like twirling, swirling

 for the Lion Dance words like balancing, leaping

but you'll think of even better words


(grown-ups, try to introduce the children to words that they might never have heard before)


This is what the Action Lens looks like - remember we are thinking about how they are moving. 

Action Lens

Dragon dance in London Chinese new year celebration

Amazing Dragon dance during Chinese new year celebration in London Trafalgar square

Lion Dance Day Yau Kung Moon 2018 4 Lions on Jongs

Enjoy this amazing Dragon Dance - (One of the dancers does fall... but he's okay )

I hope you enjoyed watching these dances - They are amazing aren't they.


Did you use some great words to describe how the dancers were moving?


For your job, choose something from the Creative Section

and write something about it


A list of what you used


Instructions to tell us how you made it

A caption to tell us what it is





Dragon dancers - kids

Here is a video of some children performing a Dragon Dance - maybe you could have a go yourself.

Chinese Lion Dancers - Epcot - Holidays Around the World

This Lion Dance isn't quite as exciting as the other one, but it tells you a little bit more about why it is performed... and it's still great!