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....................INSET DAYS Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th July (closed for pupils)...................


I've added some pages from the story

'Here We Are' - by Oliver Jeffers.

(if you haven't listened to/ read the story yet it's on the main page)

I would like you to look at the people in the pictures and think about

what they might like to do,

how they might be feeling,

what they might be thinking

what their favourite colour might be etc

(you don't need to talk about all of them)


This page in the story says...People come in many shapes, sizes and colours. We may all look different, act different and sound different...but don't be fooled, we are all people.

For your job today I would like you to think about

 things that you like


what you like to do.

Your grown-up could start the writing the sentence for you to finish...


My favourite colour is...

My favourite TV programme is...

My favourite food is...

My favourite animal is...

My favourite book is...

My best friend is...


Whatever you want to tell us about.


We haven't seen you for so long that we would love you to tell us all about you!

These are just some ideas of what you could tell us about, if you have better ideas that's fine.


As we are planning on turning your work from the next 2 weeks into a book,

you could make this page even better by adding a picture of you.


You could write your sentences at the top of the page and draw a picture underneath...

You could draw your picture at the top and write your sentences underneath...

You could write your sentences into speech bubbles that you stick around a picture of you...


(You could use a photo rather than a drawing!)



Whilst you are thinking about what your favourite things are ,

talk about whether your grown-up thinks the same?

Do you think your friends from school will all have written

the same answers as you?

Does it matter that we all like different things?

We can't wait to read all about you later so remember to send a photo of your work on Tapestry

or in an email to the class email address