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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


Today we are going to think about our senses.


What are our senses? Do you know any of them?


They are the things we use to help us find out about the world around us.

We use different parts of our body to do this.


Sight  -  we see things with our eyes   

Hearing  -  we hear things with our ears

Smell  - we smell things with our noses     

Taste  -  we taste things with our tongues/ mouths

Touch  -  we feel things with our fingers 


We are going to use our senses today.

I have found some lovely pictures from the story

'We Are Here'

and I want you to imagine that you are in the picture.


Use the FANTASTICS lenses below to help you imagine what you might be able to

see, hear, smell, taste and touch

in the pictures.


Try to use some interesting words when you are talking with your grown-up.



As you look at the picture make a poster to show the things you can see, hear, smell, taste, feel. 


Split your page into 5 parts and add a title to each part


I can see              

I can hear

I can smell

I can taste

I can feel


Then use your careful sounding out to write a list of what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel.


You could add little pictures to your poster to illustrate this page of your book if you like.

You could have a go with this picture from the book as well if you like - this is a little trickier.