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Today we are going to think about our wonderful world

taking our inspiration from this page of the story

'Here We Are'


Here is a world map - but if you have a globe that will be even better -


See if you can tell what is water, and what is land.


Can you find the UK? - That's where we live.

What about China? - we found that when we were learning about Chinese New Year.

There are some amazing things to see in our wonderful world.

Did you see some of them in the video in the squiggle section.

If not, have a look later!


I've added some photographs of some of the fantastic sights that you can see.

Have a look through them and talk about them.

Try to think of great words to describe what they look like. 



For the next page of your book I would like you to choose your favourite place

and write some words and sentences to describe it.


You could draw a picture/ paint/ collage of it, or find a picture on the internet to print out.


When you do your writing remember to plan what you want to write first. Then sound talk each word, slowly one at a time, and write the sounds that you can hear. Keep reading back what you have already written so you know what your next word is.


Just have your best try.