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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


Today we are going to think about where you live.


Have a look at these photos and talk about how we are zooming in on us from as far out as we can get.


This is a very hard concept so don't necessarily expect them to understand it,

but they should find it fascinating if you point out exactly where we are as we get close and closer.


They don't need to remember any of this!!!


You could use Google Earth to do this and get an even more amazing reaction!!!

We live on the planet Earth - can you tell the difference between the land and the sea? Can you spot the UK?

We live in Europe which is a continent on Earth - can you spot the UK?

We live in the UK which is country in Europe - we live in England.

We live in Nottinghamshire which is a county in England - can you find it? - (It's orange with a purple either side and green above and below)

We live in Worksop which is a town in Nottinghamshire - can you find any places that you know?

Where do you live?


Do you know your address?


Ask your grown-up to write your full address out

and look at all the different parts that show the postal workers

exactly how to find



For the picture in your book today I would like you to

draw/ paint/ collage a picture of your house

and write a sentence to tell me where you live.

'I live ...'



 I also want you to learn your address.

You don't need to know how to write it, just your street name, number, and town

(if you know this already see if you can say your whole address including county and postcode)