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In Literacy we are going to think about plants, and flowers in particular, and link our learning to RE and the Creation Story. 



Look at some flowers and discuss whether they have seen any starting to grow yet.

Who made flowers? - Discuss the Christian belief that God is the creator.

Look at a plant and label its parts discussing what each part is for (very simply)



Look at some flowers and discuss their colour, smell, feel (encouraging care).

Look at some seeds and discuss how these beautiful flowers grow from a tiny seed.

What would they need to be able to grow?

Discuss that Christians believe that God created all of these things too - the rain, the soil, the sun.

Show/ discuss what the Bible is and that the first story is about God creating the Earth.

Creation (Genesis 1-2) "In The Beginning."

This is the story form the Bible of how the world began according to Christians.


Write a letters to God to say thank you for giving us so many beautiful things.



Think a bout the life cycle of a flower - a sunflower is an easy flower to do this with.

You could listen to the story below to help think about this

Discuss how it starts as a tiny seed, then the roots grow, then the stem and leaves, then the flower grows and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger... then it starts to die and the middle of the flower turns into seeds that you can plant to grow more flowers.

Draw some pictures and write some words to show what happens.

Billy's Sunflower by Nicola Moon and Karin Littlewood


Discuss all the things that you think seeds/ plants need to be able to grow properly.

Think about what might happen if you didn't give a seed any water, or any sunlight or any soil.


If possible plant some cress seeds in different conditions

1. some with soil and sunshine but no water,

2. some with soil and water but in a dark place, 

3. some with water and sunshine, but no soil.


See what happens to them - cress grows pretty fast so it shouldn't take too long to start to see something happening.

CREATIVE - just get creative


Paint, draw, collage, press some flowers - whatever you like