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How do you celebrate Christmas?

Talk to your family about your Christmas plans, you could look at photos or videos of last year. Somethings may need to be different this year, could you start a new family Christmas tradition?

Talk to family members about how they celebrated Christmas when they were your age (Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles on the phone or through video call)

Draw a picture of how you celebrate Christmas with your family


Below are two videos. They tell the story of the first Christmas, we also call it the Nativity story. Watch one or both and talk to an adult about them. What can you remember? Who was in the stories? 

This story is also in the Bible, if you have a Bible at home you could have a look at it. You could even read the Nativity story from your Bible too. 

The Greatest Journey - Our 2017 Christmas story for children

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The Christian Story of the First Christmas | Religions of the World

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Within school we are going to be using our knowledge of Christmas to write a book. It will be a non-fiction book, this means that it gives the person reading it information. It will also have contents page, this will be at the front of the book and lists all the different sections of the book and which page it is on, in page order. 

Can you make your own Christmas book?

You might have pages on;

The First Christmas


How you celebrate


Christmas Trees


Remember to include your name at the front of the book as the author, that means you wrote it!

At the back of the book you could also put an index, this is another way of finding information in the book, this time all the information is listed in alphabetical order with the page numbers next to.


Write Christmas cards for your friends and family. Can you put their name and sign your own. 

You could even make your own Christmas cards, there are some ideas on the creative section. 



Write a letter to Santa, think about what you might want for Christmas and put it as a list. You might even visit the post box to post it or leave it by the chimney or door for him. 



Listen to Christmas carols - talk about which are ones do you like best and why? Can you learn any of them to sing to your family.