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Mark Making and Writing

Some ideas for mark making and writing. 


Why Mark Making is so crucial for children’s development

As adults, writing comes easily and without much thought, for children however, writing is a whole new skill requiring time, practice and encouragement. The skill of writing begins with mark making. It is easy to dismiss the different lines and circles children create on paper as mere ‘scribbles’, but actually, children are mark making, the first step towards writing.











If you've got any rolls of wallpaper they are perfect for big writing and mark making!

This activity below shows Mrs Bee with a group of children retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood using pictures. We sequenced the story and then had a go at mark making and writing cvc words using the phase two and phase three sounds we know - words like red, sun, bag, bun...

Use shapes like rainbows, bridges, zigzags etc and have fun!

Don't forget before we do writing, we always do some Dough Disco to warm those writing muscles up!smiley