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Mark Making

Mark making is hugely important in a child's journey towards writing. 

So please find some great ideas for mark making in different ways in which you can have fun with your child. 



Using different materials to make marks in can be lots of fun. Sand, shaving foam are 2 good examples but you can use salt, flour - anything really!




You can use fingers or tools to make marks not just pens or pencils, get creative the more fun the better. Miss Brunt even used to get her son writing in the condensation in  the shower - such fun!


In Cubs we love to Squiggle while you Wiggle.

Mark making to music.

Follow this link to some great videos to help!


Building strength in little fingers is also hugely important - the power of playdough!

If you have some at home great! If not follow the link to a home made recipe!

At the moment in school we are unable to use playdough crying due to COVID measures. However usually we would go to the dough disco all the time in Cubs - follow the link and have some fun!