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Can you count the spots on the ladybirds and point to the matching number?


Numbers - have fun looking at numbers, counting, number formation and recognising how numbers are represented!

Can you go on a shape hunt around your house?

What 2D shapes can you find?


After Easter we had planned a visit to the Farm Shop. We were going to spend some time playing with coins, learning their value and what they look like! If you could begin this that would be great.  We hoped to then walk to the farm shop and pay for a piece of fruit with our own money. If you could play games with money, play shops, etc that would be wonderful.  Here are some ideas to print off if you'd like them but handling the money and generally talking about it every day would be great. Thank you! Let's hope we can still go!

We have working on number formation in nursery and we are getting really good at it but we sometimes forget which way round our numbers go! This shows the correct formation for you to practise at home!   If you've got a printer, feel free to download it.

Can you count like a Superhero?

Are you ready to dance and count to twenty?



White Rose Maths have released some free home learning lessons with an egg hunt theme to support the learning of maths at home.smiley