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Monday 20th April 

Welcome back, we hope that you have all had a lovely break


Today, we are recapping on equivalent fractions. Can you remember those?

You will need 5 strips of paper (ready to fold into equal pieces) a pencil and some paper to show your fractions. 

You might want to ask a grown up to help you cut them up smiley


First watch Equivalent Fractions Part 1 - Multiplying Fractions. 

Next watch watch Equivalent Fractions Part 2 - Reducing Fractions.


When you have completed these, have a go at learning the equal parts song!


Tuesday 21st April 


Today we will be jumping back into the White Rose Maths videos and worksheets, enjoy smiley

Wednesday 22nd April 

White Rose Maths - Equivalent Fractions


Thursday 23rd April


Are you a fractions master?

Take a look at this worksheet, but don't forget to show your working out smiley


We have also set a battle on Timestables Rockstars


Butterflies V Dragonflies...


May the best team win yes



Friday 24th April


How did you get on with the challenge yesterday?

There is one more more waiting for you today yes


Well done to all those who have joined in the timestable rockstars battle so far,

it will continue today too!