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In maths this week we are practicing counting to 20. Try and do this every day.

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We are also looking at counting in 10s. This leads into times tables when we are older. 

Use this video to help you count in 10s.

Count Together by 10's | Counting Workout for Kids | Jack Hartmann Counting by 10s

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We are exploring the different ways of making numbers, using our fingers. For example, how many different ways can you show 3?

       or even like this 


In our maths sessions this week we are building on our knowledge of the number 4 by looking at some shapes. These shapes both have 4 sides and 4 corners, do you know what they are?



What do you notice about the square and the rectangle? 

You will be able to see that the square has 4 sides and so does the rectangle. You will also see that they both have 4 corners. But they are not the same. The square has 4 sides that are all the same length. The rectangle has 2 longer sides and 2 shorter sides. 


Now have a look around your house. How many squares can you find?  How many rectangles can you find? 




Now we are going to use shapes to make pictures. You can print out the shape sheet below or create your own out of paper. 

Explore different ways of creating your pictures. 


Use the cut out shapes to explore whether you can make other shapes with them. 

Put 2 squares together - What does it make?

Can you make a square from 2 rectangles?

What about 2 triangles, can you make a shape out of them?

Would you be able to make a circle from 2 squares?


Have fun exploring the shapes. 

Shape pictures and cutting


We are now going to have a think about time. 

First we need to understand that there are somethings we do are certain times of day. Can you think of any things you do in the morning?  What do you do at night? 

Talk to someone about what you do in the morning/ afternoon/ night/ day. 



Now lets think about some sequencing. 

Here are some pictures of some brushing their teeth. They are mixed up. Can you explain what needs to happen you can use these words to help you. FIRST, NEXT, THEN, AFTER THAT, LAST, FINALLY





Now try and sequence another activity you do. 

Getting dressed?

Riding your bike?

Making a sandwich?



Lets sequence our day. Look at the below to help you. 

Think about the activities you do in the day, create a 'timetable' of things in order. You might talk to an adult about the order, or draw pictures, or print the pictures below, cut them out and stick them in order. 


This session we are going to take a look at 1 more. 


Show your adult 2 fingers, now put 1 more up. How many do you have now? 3 fingers. 


Repeat this lots with your fingers using numbers 0-5. 

Did you notice that to do 1 more than 5 you needed both hands?


Still thinking about 1 more, you can use the 5 frame (either make one or print the one below) and some toys. 

If you put 3 toys on the frame, then add 1 more how many have you got?

Keep exploring. 


Now we are going to have a go at 1 less. 

Using your fingers, put 5 fingers up, now fold one down, how many do you have now? 

Repeat this lots with your fingers using numbers 1-5.  


Continuing to think about 1 less, using the 5 frame and toys. Place 4 toys in the frame, this time because we are doing 1 less you need to remove one, how many do you have now?

Keep exploring. 


With activities such as these the more your child does them in a practical way the more it will aid them when they begin to work things out in their head as they get older.