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....................INSET DAYS Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th July (closed for pupils)...................


There are so many things which you can do to help your child mathematically. 


A great and fun activity is playing games which involve counting, so any board games you have. (The turn taking will also aid your child's personal and social development) 


You can also encourage your child to count objects by touching an object at a time and saying the numbers in sequence. How high can they count too?

You can play a roll a superhero game, all you need is a die and some paper. What will your superhero look like?


To start each Maths session please do some warm up counting to 20. 

Then you could practice counting in 10s.

Recognising numbers when shown on a flashcard.

Showing different numbers on your fingers.

Writing numbers with correct formation.